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Apple-A-Day Program

Providing Games & Technology To Pediatric Cancer Patients

Apple-A-Day Program Mission

Apple-A-Day Program

Our mission is to bring joy into the lives of pediatric cancer patients though friendship, communication, sharing, and entertainment. When cancer treatment prevents or hinders normal childhood experiences and interaction, technology can become a welcomed bridge. This bridge also brings comfort, security, laughter, and a sense of normalcy in an otherwise scary and isolated battle.

Vision & Objective

Our vision is to provide Apple products (iPads) to pediatric cancer patients so that they may experience simple joys such as listening to music, taking pictures, text messaging, playing multi-user games, reading books watching movies, keeping up with schoolwork... basically the ability to stay in contact with family, friends, and the world.

Our objective is to successfully launch Apple A Day in Orlando and establishing branch offices in major cities that have a pediatric cancer hospital in the United States.

Submit A Request

If you would like to submit a request on behalf of your child, begin by filling out our Hero Application Form (PDF). The Form is also available in Microsoft Word Format (DOCX):


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